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This Website Has No Database
This website has no database.

Databases are not always needed, and they are an extra complication to include. Each individual blog post I've written in Next.js - I could make a handler that pulls down the text of the blog post and displays it to the user, but then I would have to write a template that would work for each blog post. Better to have a list of hand written classes.

I do have a backend however. I need it for two things. First, I need to be able to have a websocket handler that will handle the chat app in the right hand CLI. Second I need to handle the email sending through the gmail SMTP. Yeah did you know you can send email through a backend to gmail? Pretty sweet.

I try to keep the frontend simple as well.

Odds are people being people, you'll get attention for maybe 10 seconds if you're lucky when someone goes to your site. People fucking blow man, but like, people'll people. So there's really not much of a need for having more than one page - unless you *really* care about SEO (hint, I don't).

So I have one page calling a chatbox component and a blog post component. And then the rest is either pictures I've taken, open source pictures, images manipulated with open source software, or open source patterns. And a lot of image masking and mix blending. That's more or less it - I have a couple animations, but animation runs in the GPU so you can't have too many running on the regular anyway. They have to be majority event driven.

Oh and keep your blog posts short too.
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